West Cabarrus Church Aerial Shot

God gave a vision to Pastor Terry Faulkenbury at the age of 22, of one day returning to his home county and planting a new church. In September of 1990, after more than ten years of training and waiting on the Lord, the time to respond to that vision had arrived. The next several months involved raising money to support the first year from sponsoring churches, enlisting 125 phone volunteers for a telemarketing campaign, and finding a place to worship.

In January of 1991, during the outbreak of the Persian Gulf War, 20,751 calls were made to find people who were not a part of any church. Over 2,000 families responded favorably. Five mail pieces were sent out each week before the opening Sunday on March  24, 1991 (Palm Sunday). People were ready with banners, refreshments, a Welcome Center, Bible Study classes, and worship. Over 225 people showed up! West Cabarrus was up and running.

Grand Opening 1991

2010 Aerial Shot of West Cabarrus

Over the years, West Cabarrus has seen many folks come to saving knowledge of Jesus and missionaries have been sent all across the globe. Today, the church has a full spectrum of ministries, and God has provided a strategic location for West Cabarrus Church to reach the ever-growing population of our region.