About Eric & Wendy

We are Eric and Wendy Harbinson. Our family joined West Cabarrus Church in 1999. In 2012 we followed God’s call to be full-time missionaries in Matagalpa, Nicaragua. We moved knowing we were specifically called to teach the Gospel and make disciples.

We provide training and resources to help Nicaraguans live out their faith with sound biblical doctrine, and encourage them to help others do the same.

We focus on relationship building, Bible teaching, discipleship training and pastor partnerships. Through our mentoring relationship, we serve and minister to their physical and spiritual needs.

As we have sought to follow God, He has established the following relationships for ministry:

  • Home Bible Study, Discipleship and Fellowship
  • Remote Pastor / Community Partnerships
  • UNAN University – Assist professors with English teaching degree students
  • English Academies – Assist students in learning and practicing English
  • Medical Ministry – Host annual Medical Brigade and oversee follow-up care
  • Soccer Ministry – Speak into the spiritual lives of 230 youth-age soccer players through weekly devotions

If you would like to know more about our ministry and/or make a one-time or recurring donation, you can visit our website at inhisstepsnicaragua.org.